Cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS)
Classification schemes for SDO deliverables

Edition 29. June 2020


Classification schemes for SDO deliverables help sorting the large number of deliverables from Standard Development Organizations (SDOs). Two schemes were developed by ESF GmbH, as port of a support acitivity for national deployment of C-ITS.

It serves as a guide for C-ITS standard developers, system designers, and for C-ITS deployment. .


Standardisation areas
Categories of SDO deliverables


Standardisation areas

Standardization activities can be grouped in standardization areas. For the purpose of this document, this grouping follows largely the ITS station architecture specified in ISO 21217 and illustrated in Figure 1.

ITS station architecture simple

Figure  1  — Simplified ITS station architecture (ISO 21217)

The "Harmonized Architecture Reference for Technical Standards" (HARTS) project applied the same architectural approach using slightly different terms.

The following standardisation areas are identified and used in this multipart document:

Within each standardization area, possible subjects of an SDO deliverable are distinguished by means of categories of SDO deliverables.

Categories of SDO deliverables

The following standards categories, applicable for the various standardisation areas, are identified and used in this multipart document:

NOTE          SDO deliverables can provide specifications related to various categories.